Let's fight
bad breath.

Zelmin’s dual-action functional breath
freshener capsule is more than just a mint.

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A mouthful on who we are
(and what makes us fresh)

The mint-coated breath capsule you swallow.

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Here’s the science - parsley seed oil helps fight odors that cause bad breath (even from garlic and onions).

That’s why we pack each Zelmin’s capsule full of it, then coat it with over 50 micro-layers of powerful mint, for long lasting freshness whenever you need it - including under your mask.

Layers (and layers) of benefits.

How we're becoming Hollywood's best kept (and freshest) secret.

We're proud to be a sponsor of the MUAHS Awards, where we get to celebrate the amazing talent of the make-up artists and hair stylists behind the scenes of our favorite TV shows, movies and more.

"So unique and different! Actually works, the first one is a shock for sure but they really do work!!!"

Kandy S. - New York

"First I was skeptical but, soon as it arrived, I tasted and it really is strong! The only mint that has ever really helped with the breath, that's for sure! I will buy more!"

Diego M. - Florida

"A must have for mask breath. These mints have been a serious game changer for me - I never noticed how bad my breath was until I could smell it myself."

Paige K. - California

"These little surprising mints kick onion and garlic butt. Best thing I have tried to remove onion breath."

Kim H. - Idaho