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The power of parsley.

Why parsley seed oil? Parsley has been used for centuries as a natural bad breath fighter - and cleverly positioned as the garnish on your dinner plate. But that tiny little sprig of green is nothing more than a cute attempt to point you in the right direction. That’s why each Zelmin’s capsule packs the punch of a parsley farm to give you the best breath you’ve never had.

It’s time to think differently about how you care for your breath.

We're not like other products (and we're proud of it). Here's what we really want you to know - you get to choose how you put Zelmin’s to work. Suck on the mint coating, then swallow the capsule inside. Or, try chew it all together for a bold herbal flavor once you burst the capsule. It’s that simple. It’s unlike anything you’ve probably tasted, and you’ll never forget your first time. It might be love at first bite. It might not...and that’s ok! Choose a side, and let us know.

Let’s take a deeper look inside for a science lesson.

What we eat has a BIG impact on the way our breath smells. Do you ever burp after an amazing snack or feast and wonder why your friends run away? That's where we come in. Zelmin's breath freshening capsules are packed with a concentrated blend of cold-pressed parsley seed & sunflower oils, and coated with over 50 micro-layers of deliciously powerful mint.

Our intensive research and testing led us to develop a perfectly balanced formula that helps fight the nose-crinkling odors wafting out of your mouth. That’s where other mints, gums, and urban remedies can fall short. Need proof? Zelmin’s is clinically tested to give you instant fresh breath that lasts for hours against the toughest offenders… even garlic and onions.

Your mints are candy. Our dual-action functional breath freshening capsules fight bad breath.

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Answers to our frequently asked questions.

You get to choose how you put Zelmin’s to work. Suck on the mint coating, then swallow the capsule inside. Or, try chew it all together for a bold herbal flavor once you burst the capsule. It’s that simple. For best results, use 3 or more each time.

If you chew them, Zelmin’s goes to work instantly. If you don’t chew them, Zelmin’s capsules dissolve and release their concentrated blend of parsley and sunflower seed oils in approximately 20 minutes.

Zelmin’s Minty Mouth contains a powerful mint exterior with a concentrated blend of parsley seed and sunflower oils inside a chewable gel capsule. It contains no artificial flavors, no preservatives, no alcohol. 

Outside: Sucrose, Gum Acacia, Mint, Titanium Dioxide, Carnauba Wax, Menthol 

Inside: Sunflower Seed Oil, Parsley Seed Oil, Kosher Gelatin, Glycerin

Each serving of Zelmin's (3 capsules) has less than 1 gram of sugar. We worked hard to develop a bad-breath-fighting formula that still uses natural sugar (no fake stuff here), and tastes great.

We know you’ll love Zelmin’s, so we offer an unconditional money back guarantee on every pack. If you are not completely satisfied with our product for any reason, just reach out to our team - we’re always here to help!

We wish we could say yes, but we use beef-based gelatin in our capsules. We hope to mooooove to a plant-based gelatin formula soon!

We use kosher beef gelatin in our products!

There are no known problems associated with any physical or medical condition while taking Zelmin’s Minty Mouth. However, if you are pregnant, or nursing, or have any doubts at all about taking Zelmin’s with any other condition, you should consult your physician or health care provider. 

Currently, Zelmin’s is only available online! Buy now - your friends will thank you later.

When you sign up, we’ll send your order right away, and then ship you 3, 5 or 10 packs (depending on the subscription plan you signed up for) every month thereafter. That’s enough to keep a pack in your car, your bag, your pocket, your desk and your nightstand (we think of everything so you don’t have to). And if you ever need to pause or cancel a shipment, that’s ok! Just let us know at least 5 days before your next order is due to ship, and we’ll take care of the rest.

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