What's the deal with the capsule?

Here at Zelmin’s HQ, we get a ton of fan mail. Some of it is amazing - we’ve been able to reach a lot of people out there who have been waiting for a solution to their bad breath woes, and are thrilled to have found a product like ours that really works! Some of it, not so amazing - we take that feedback in our stride though! As a company, we’ve always believed in the power of listening, and we take it all: the good, the bad AND the ugly. Sometimes, those words are the most helpful in figuring out what comes next!

However, the one thing we hear THE MOST, whether positive or negative, is this: “What’s the deal with the capsule”? And hey, we get it! The capsule is DIFFERENT. It’s something you’ve likely never encountered before in a breath freshener/mint. And to be honest, we went through a bit of an identity crisis as a brand, where we tried to define whether we are indeed a "mint", or something else - and as a result, we updated our language to instruct our customers to try chewing the product to burst the capsule in their mouths.

After a lot more intensive thinking and customer research, we've transitioned back to the suck, then swallow approach. Fundamentally, we want to help consumers understand that Zelmin's is a functional breath freshener - and we're always in pursuit of the best way to drive that point home. That being said, here’s the deal with the capsule, in the clearest, most direct way we can think to explain it.

  • Once you get past the mint coating that gives “Zelmin’s Minty Mouth” its signature look and delicious flavor, you get to a simple kosher gelatin capsule - no different than what you might find on any other liquid filled capsule (like a vitamin or supplement)! The gel capsule is an important part of our formula to keep our powerful, cold-pressed parsley seed oil fresh. It’s designed to naturally dissolve in the stomach, and then release the parsley seed oil.
  • If you decide to chew the product (sometimes we do, sometimes we don’t), that gel capsule will eventually dissolve (think of it like a very hard gummy bear)! We find that some of our customers (that’s you) love to do that, and some would rather either swallow the remaining capsule, or simply discard it.
  • The real real answer: the way it was originally designed, the product is intended to be sucked (to enjoy the mint coating), and then swallowed. Some days, we like to chew/pop/burst Zelmin’s, and then swallow the empty capsules, because we love the way it instantly refreshes our breath and palate. Roughly 60% of our customers do the same. The other ~40%...decidedly do NOT enjoy that herbal parsley flavor, and that's ok too!

That, friends, is as honest as it gets. No matter how you like to enjoy Zelmin’s, we’re just glad to see you keeping things fresh.

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