The good truth about bad breath

We’ve all been there. The 9AM meeting first thing on a Monday morning - you barely even have time to brush your teeth and inhale a cup of coffee. The first date at a trendy tapas bar - nothing speeds up small talk like red wine and green olives. Or maybe it’s game night with your closest friends - and that double mushroom/onion pizza is making everyone smell like they’re even closer.


It doesn’t matter where you go...bad breath follows you. Even if it’s not top of mind, it’s definitely right there on the tip of your tongue. More often than not though, people are too embarrassed to bring it up - for some reason, we have this long standing taboo that we just can’t talk about it. Almost as if breath care belongs in the same category as bathroom talk (a big thank you to the champions at Squatty Potty and Poo-Pourri for helping change THAT conversation). 

But here’s the good truth about bad breath: WE ALL HAVE IT. At some point in the day, something we eat, drink, or do with our mouths is going to leave us smellier than we ought to be. And that’s ok, because Zelmin’s Minty Mouth is bad breath’s biggest enemy. We’re here to give you the ammo you need to face any part of your day (or night) with confidence - because even if your blouse is untucked or you don’t have the perfect words to say, you KNOW that your mouth is smelling fresh. So here’s to one taboo we can finally put to rest - bad breath, you’re officially on notice.

Time to get fresh!

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