These are a few of our (favorite) smelliest things

Apologies if The Sound of Music is now stuck in your head for the rest of the day - we couldn’t resist! You know what else we can’t resist? Pizza, piled high with extra onions and oily goodness. Truffle garlic fries, topped with parmesan and served with a side of tangy aioli. And cold brew, beautifully mixed with just a splash of heavy cream.

Yeah, that’s right. The Zelmin’s team is just a bunch of foodies with appetites bigger than our stomachs (and sometimes our wallets). We’re flavor fiends. And half the reason all of our favorites taste so good is because they smell soooo good. Think about the way a dish can transport you - whether it’s chocolate chip cookies in Nana's kitchen, or fresh spaghetti from your local italian spot (we’ll tell you about ours in another post). These things have a distinctly delectable smell that we just can’t get enough of. Well, at least while they’re still on the plate or in the oven. Then, something mysterious happens. Mere minutes after we eat, those smells have transformed into something from a horror movie. We all know this phenomenon so well that we avoid eating our favorite foods because we’re scared that we’ll reek for the rest of the day...but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Life’s too short to avoid the things you love, so here’s our recommendation. Dig in. Chow down. Slurp it up. And when you’re done, reach for your Zelmin’s. Cater the conference room with confidence. Fuel your fiesta fearlessly. Indulge in the best tastes and smells you can find, and know that when all is said and done, you’ll still walk away with the best breath you’ve never had.

Time to get fresh!

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