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  • What's the deal with the capsule?

    What's the deal with the capsule?

    It's one of the questions we hear most frequently at Zelmin's HQ. And hey, we get it! The capsule is DIFFERENT. It’s something you’ve likely never encountered before in a breath freshener/mint. The real real answer: the way it was originally designed, the product is intended to be sucked (to enjoy the mint coating), and then swallowed...but there's more to it than that.

  • Bad breath in the masked era

    Bad breath in the masked era

    The reality is, social distancing is hard. It doesn’t come naturally to our generation, or species for the matter. We love. We hug. We take bites off of each other’s plates. We laugh and cry with our faces squished together. And we get it - we’re a company that usually tells you to get closer and breathe on one another after you use our products! No doubt we’ve felt the effects. But in life, we have to play with the hand we’re dealt - there are simply bigger things at play.
  • Breathless myths and urban legends

    Breathless myths and urban legends

    We get it - you like to get rid of your bad breath. And you have your own remedies that work just fine! Or so you think. What if we told you that not only are you using the wrong stuff, but your entire understanding of what causes it and how to fix it is totally misguided. Interested? We’re about to burst your favorite chewing gum bubble.

  • The good truth about bad breath

    The good truth about bad breath

    We’ve all been there. The 9AM meeting first thing on a Monday morning - you barely even have time to brush your teeth and inhale a cup of coffee. The first date at a trendy tapas bar - nothing speeds up small talk like red wine and green olives. Or maybe it’s game night with your closest friends - and that double mushroom/onion pizza is making everyone smell like they’re even closer.
  • These are a few of our (favorite) smelliest things

    These are a few of our (favorite) smelliest things

    Apologies if The Sound of Music is now stuck in your head for the rest of the day - we couldn’t resist! You know what else we can’t resist? Pizza, piled high with extra onions and oily goodness. Truffle garlic fries, topped with parmesan and served with a side of tangy aioli. And cold brew, beautifully mixed with just a splash of heavy cream.


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